If you have already bought our packs from this web page or from a craft fair and have lost them. Please email us and mention what item       you have and the code of this web site and we will send the                                        instructions to you.  EMAIL


Parrot kit - swing

Parrot Kit - Perch


Phenakistoscope easy kit

Phenakistoscope mechanical kit

Plate Spinning

Praxinascope kit - Hand

Praxinascope kit - Table

Punch and Judy Kit

Puzzle 5,6,7 Shapes

Solar Card Helicopter kit

Solar wooden helicopter kit

Solar Penny Farthing

Solar Rainbow house kit

Solar Spitfire  / Hurricane kit - early version only

Solar Roundabout kit

Solar Card Windmill Kit

Solar Windfarm Kit

Tank Kit (cotton Reels)

Tank Kit JUMBO (Cotton Reels)

Wind powered car kit

Zoetrope kit- hand operated

Zoetrope Kit - Table & Solar version

Solar Picture - real pictures with moving parts

Balloons models

Balloon models - dog

Balloon models - flying mouse

Beach Hut Kit

Bunny Copter

CD Marble Spinners


Dragster CD version

Dragster large wheels

Dragster Wind up version

Electric Buggie

Electric Circuits - how to wire different circuits

Electric Circuits video showing Series /Parallel

Electric Circuits = wiring a plug, symbols

Electrics - wire a plug

Electrical symbols

Flower making

Jumping Bean

Kaleidoscope kit

Light house kit

Magic Wand Instructions

Magic wand Instructions -printed

Moving Vehicle kit - photos

Moving Vehicle Kit - video

Optical Kits