This is a great idea for designing your own spinners using an old CD. When buying the kit from us it contains the CD and a coloured template attached with the special plastic hub. Press the hub into the centre of the CD and then with a twisting action (a force) see it spin. Then the idea is for you to develop your own designs on plain paper.

Place the CD on a piece of paper and draw around the outside and also the centre. Cut this circle out and then design your colourful spirals and pictures. When done place the paper over the cd and press the centre hub back to lock your new design in place. OR use some blue tac. Make as many designs as you like. These designs make lovely Illusions to your eyes. We need light to be able to see and sometimes it can play tricks on our eyes. Good Luck   

                                  Price includes postage =£3

                                                          supplied with a stock design