Please get the items we have sent you for this weeks project.                   Two paper cups, 2 paper clips and the string.

 Make a hole in the centre of the base of both cups, using the pin.

                     Tie one paperclip to one end of the string.

Pull the other end of the string through the hole in one of the paper cups. The paperclip should be inside the paper cup.

Insert the free end of the string into the hole in the bottom of the second paper cup. Insert it from the outside of the cup.

Pull enough string through the hole to enable you to tie the second paperclip to the end of the string.

Pull the cups apart so that in each cup the paperclip rests flat on the floor of the cup and the string is taut.

Take one cup, and have a friend take the second cup. Walk away from each other until the string is taught you're now ready to use your paper cup phone.

           * Please note the string must not touch anything, otherwise the vibrations will be stopped