Kindly made for us by Alan Cooper - these precision made hand crafted toys and great to play with and educational too.

These spinning tops used for pass times by Victorians are made from off cuts of wood. The colours of the wood & grain may vary so the photos are only examples. Blue tac a coloured design on the topic and watch the patterns change. (Illusion)

          Great for showing FORCES in science and the light topic too!

  By threading the string through the spindle (a push) and then by PULLING the string (tension)- the top spins  and balances well. Defying Gravity until it slows down or stops. Anything that spins will balance better and so                                                      this toy high lights that wonderfully.

                                            DESIGNS YOU CAN USE - CUT OUT AND FIX TO TOP

                                  PS14  Cost = £10 includes postage

                     * Please note prices are quoted for UK only please email for a quote for rest of the world